Investment Opportunities


  • Generous Tax Relief From HMRC.
  • Available To Individuals & Companies.
  • Excellent Investment Returns.
  • 1 to 12-year Terms.
  • Permissible Pension Fund Investment.
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions.
  • Approved By the United Nations
  • Backed By UK Government.
  • Third World Development.
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Who Am I?

Jeff Reid

My name is Jeff Reid for 30 years I worked in the Finance Industry advising high net worth individuals and companies on financial structures and taxation.  I left the industry to pursue my passion which is alternative investment opportunities that benefit the planet and communities.

The opportunities I show you are real and tangible you can see them touch them and feel them. The businesses are legitimate UK based companies that pay tax. My job is to make sure that the opportunity is right for you and you are right for the investment.

I don't handle client money; regulated institutions do this.

Who Do I help?

My clients tend to be business people many of whom are retired professionals.  Some of the investments require a level of wealth and others don't.  The primary objective is to make sure the investment and the client fit.

Next Steps...

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