Jeff Reid

Meet Me

My name is Jeff Reid I'm on my 2nd marriage and my wife, and I have five children between us. Until Dec 2014 I ran my own business in the Finance Industry. Where for 30 years I advised high net worth individuals/families and businesses. I loved my work until regulations prevented me using my knowledge to help my client's.  I specialised in organising client's personal and business structures to maximise tax savings and investment returns.  And I hold some advanced qualifications in tax and trusts.

Following my escape, I decided to explore the market for new and exciting investment opportunities that could add value and do some good in the world.  Oh and help people and businesses legally and ethically save tax. If your creating jobs and improving the planet that's got to be good. Risk deserves a reward.

During my journey, I have helped my wife build her Skin Care & Laser Hair Removal Clinic on the same principles.  Also, I've learned how to create websites and market digitally. We have both pursued our passion.  Our desire to do things right!

The opportunities I share with you are real; you can see them touch them and feel them. The businesses are legitimate UK based companies that pay tax.  My role is to make sure that the opportunity is right for you and you are right for the investment.

Our Philosophy

With over 30 years working in the finance industry, I understand manufactured financial products and the financial markets. Also, I understand business and their legal structures. Entrepreneurs see opportunities and solve problems. They take calculated risks to improve things and to make money. And then there are individuals, families, and businesses that want a good return on their capital, but don't have the knowledge or the skills. I love to marry these together for everyone's benefit. If the people and the environment are winning, I'm happy.


Investment Opportunity


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